Welcome to 2008!

7 01 2008

Although the Australian electorate has ushered in a new political era, we hope that ‘We Will Be Remembered For This’ will remain as a testament to the things that were done, the decisions that were made and the ethics that were eroded under the Howard government.  The film was made very  much with this contingency in mind, and as such it was designed not to become irrelevant on 24 November 2007.  The name ‘We Will Be Remembered For This’ was carefully chosen (it’s a cool story, actually), to reflect that future generations of Australians will ask us about this period of history, and will want us to account for it.

You may have noticed that since the election there’s been an outpouring of analysis, dissection, and a huge rush to document the Howard era and all that it represents.  The only thing that happened more quickly was the Liberal party’s renunciation of Howard and his policies…!

What a remarkable period of history we’ve just witnessed.  Thank you to all of you who have seen the film, bought the DVD, screened it (at your own peril in some audiences, I know!), and been passionate and brave enough to  disseminate it.  I honestly believe that efforts such as those are what slowly corroded the electorate’s faith in the policies of the former government.

I wish you all a wonderful 2008, as always I encourage you to maintain your voice,  and I hope this year will bring with it brighter and better things for our country!

Very best wishes,



Pre-election interview with Julian Burnside QC

20 11 2007

A little interview with QC and human rights advocate Julian Burnside QC.  Jessie Taylor asks Burnside about issues he considers important in the lead-up to the Federal Election 2007, and into the future of Australia…

WWBR @ Human Rights Arts & Film Festival

5 11 2007


WWBR will be screening at the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival at 10.30am on Thursday 29 November 2007, at RMIT Capitol Theatre.  There will be a panel afterwards with Writer / Producer Jessie Taylor,  comedian Rod Quantock, and Pamela Curr – campaign co-ordinator at the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

World Vision ‘STIR’ 20 July

2 07 2007

Here is a flyer for an event coming up. In spite of its slightly premature labelling of Jessie Taylor as a lawyer, it’s going to be a great event! You can find the World Vision Stir website here. There will be snippets of the film shown, talks by Julian Burnside QC and Jessie Taylor, and lots of other great information about Refugees & Australia. Come along if you can!