Human Rights Chatter on Triple J

1 12 2007

Jessie Taylor (writer / producer of WWBR) and Evelyn Tadros (co-ordinator of Human Rights Arts & Film Festival) chatted to Megan Spencer of Triple J’s ‘The Hack’ on Thursday 29 November. You can find it here and have a listen!



20 11 2007

Hey there, so the HRAFF screening is coming up!  Thursday 29 November, at RMIT Capitol Theatre.  It’s at the slightly bizarre time of 10.30 in the morning, because it’s a screening for schoolkids. However, due to the awkward time of year, there have been not as many schools responding as could be hoped, so we’r hoping to get bums on seats nonetheless!

The screening will be followed by a panel with me, Pamela Curr (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre) and comedian Rod Quantock.

You can see all the details at – we’d love to see you there!



Screenings near & far!

7 11 2007

Hi there,

A couple of screenings coming up across the globe!

On the 19th of November, at Eltham Catholic Church, in Melbourne’s north eastern suburbs… Watch this space for details!

And Friday 9th November, there’s a screening at the Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria in South Africa! Might be a bit out of the way, but if you’re in the area….!

Oh and of course the wonderful Human Rights Arts & Film Festival on 29th November. Check it out at the site at, and download the info on our screening here: HRAFF Info


World Vision ‘STIR’ 20 July

2 07 2007

Here is a flyer for an event coming up. In spite of its slightly premature labelling of Jessie Taylor as a lawyer, it’s going to be a great event! You can find the World Vision Stir website here. There will be snippets of the film shown, talks by Julian Burnside QC and Jessie Taylor, and lots of other great information about Refugees & Australia. Come along if you can!


Monash Alumni e-News

2 06 2007

WWBR cops a bit of a plug in this month’s Monash Alumni e-News, in the lead-up to the Arts in Action festival. You can see the page here.

The plug takes the form of a profile on writer / producer Jessie Taylor – a proud and paid up (if HECS fees count…) Monash Alumnus.

The launches are drawing nearer! Be sure to book your spot for the launch in Melbourne on the 20th of June bu emailing

Also – instead of booking tickets for yourself and 10 of your friends, why not host your own screening?

Preview Screening @ Monash Arts in Action Festival!

29 05 2007

arts in action

We Will Be Remembered For This will be making its proud public debut at the Monash Arts in Action Festival, at the ***CAULFIELD CAMPUS*** of Monash University, on 9 June 2007. It will be a great day- it’s looking bigger than Ben Hur (umm… almost!)

Wonderful Melbourne writer Arnold Zable will be MCing for us, and the Vice Chancellor of Monash will be making an appearance – so it’s all looking very exciting!

There will be a screening, as well as a panel discussion of the film afterwards, with Jessie (writer, producer & cast member), Guido (cast member) and Joel (cast member). If you’re interested in coming along, you can find more information here.

WARNING! It’s looking like a very popular session, and there are no bookings, so if you’re keen, you’d better get there nice and early.

We’d love to see you there!

WA Launch – 22 June **date changed back again!

12 05 2007

Very exciting – we’ll be launching WWBR in conjunction with WA-based rights organisation Project Safecom.

Jessie will be going to Fremantle to launch the film, and will share the stage with Dr Carmen Lawrence,  Melissa Parke and Scott Ludlum.  You can find their page on the event here.

Canberra and Sydney launches hopefully TBC… if you want to launch somwhere else, get in touch! Whether it’s Bendigo, back o’ Burke or the bustling metropolis of Brisvegas, a screening for 5, 10, or 1000, we want to hear from you!