Thanks for coming to find us! This is the shiny new blog of the new Australian independent documentary film, ‘We Will Be Remembered For This’. We are delighted that you’ve come to look us up. Please feel free to have a look around – we’ll add more content soon – ask questions, leave us a comment… If you want to organise a screening, please get in touch! We want the film to be shown as widely as possible around Australia and globally before the 2007 Federal Election.

‘We Will Be Remembered For This’ is a film about refugees in Australia.

the wwbr team

We’d be really happy to answer questions and issues you have – whether they be about the film itself, the refugee policy, or anything else. You can email us on wewillberemembered@gmail.com

And we hope you’ll watch and enjoy the film, and then get a bunch of your friends and family together and watch it again.

Get in touch!

Jessie Taylor

Writer / Producer

*** We respectfully ask that you keep this site free from abusive and aggressive language. This is a place of respect & exchange of ideas. Cheers


2 responses

18 03 2012
Cathy Myers

We are studying Documentaries in Year 9 English. I would like to show and discuss your Documentary ‘We will be remembered for this’ with my students. I would like to purchase a copy but have not been able to find it. Could you please advise where I can get a copy. Thank you

21 05 2012
Jessie taylor

Hi there Cathy,
You can get it by contacting Intext Book Company on 03 9819 4500.

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