WWBR in Perth

13 07 2007

Hi there, just a quick note to let you know that you can rent (and very soon buy) your copy of the film at the wonderful Planet Film Music & Books in Perth.  646 Beaufort Street, Mt Lawley WA Tel: 9328 7464. 

Also – today Jessie did a pre-recorded interview on RTRFM in Perth, which will air some time in the next week. Keep your eyes and ears peeled and we’ll try to let you know when it’ll air!

Lots of fun things in the works – don’t forget that it’s YOUR job to hold a screening in your community!  Get in touch with us to discuss your ideas.



5 07 2007

We wanted to share with you some of the feedback the film has received. We have been ovewhelmed by positive feedback and would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to let us know what impact the film has had on them.

“...artistically creative, provocative and morally challenging. It provides an understated but powerful critique of the political opportunism driving bipartisan support for our inhumane treatment of asylum seekers” -Prof Richard Larkins, Vice Chancellor, Monash Uni

there is a unspoken ‘lightness of being’ amongst the vision and between the sentences and it is that, which compels the viewers to identify with the central characters of the movie. This is a must-see at colleges, schools, community groups and even in mainstream cinemas

“…it communicates a really clear message. It allows room for people to think for themselves. It is emotive in an understated way. The shots are beautiful. The direction and editing are fresh, engaging and effective

I thought I’d seen it all, I thought I was immune. I thought I could not be moved by a film about refugees. But congratulations – you’ve done it.” – Julian Burnside QC


5 07 2007


Breaking News! WWBR will be screened at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival at 7pm on Sunday August 26, at the Malthouse theatre. Very exciting news! The screening will be followed by a panel comprising Jessie Taylor & Julian Burnside QC. If you haven’t been to a biggish Melbourne screening yet, this should be a good’un! The link for MWF can be found here.



Foxtel Appearance Tue July 3rd

2 07 2007

if your Set Top Box is in working order, you read this before the evening of Tuesday July 3, you have time to watch it, and your Foxtel Pay TV account is fully paid up …. A driver, writer and producer of the movie, Jessie Taylor was interviewed with others during Project SafeCom’s World Refugee Day event in Fremantle, and she comments on the movie (Foxtel coverage also shows snippets of the movie) during the interview.

The 15-minute coverage will go to air on FOX-TV this Tuesday 3 July. In Western Australia screening time will be 8:30pm (Foxtel Digital, Channel 183), under the program name of Perth City Talks, and I believe the program screens in the Eastern States at 10:00pm or 10:30pm.

Check it out!

World Vision ‘STIR’ 20 July

2 07 2007

Here is a flyer for an event coming up. In spite of its slightly premature labelling of Jessie Taylor as a lawyer, it’s going to be a great event! You can find the World Vision Stir website here. There will be snippets of the film shown, talks by Julian Burnside QC and Jessie Taylor, and lots of other great information about Refugees & Australia. Come along if you can!